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Keyhole Bay Keyholders have already secured the most exclusive and high-quality returns-on-investment in the Bay Islands. As a Keyholder, you have access to premier amenities, stunning views, and the assistance of our featured partners. And the forecast improves, as the Baby Boomer generation moves on; your Caribbean property value will continue to increase in both value and demand!

Why Keyhole Bay?

Still debating whether to invest in Keyhole Bay? A Baby Boomer turns 50 every seven seconds. And they are in the highest earning period of their lives. They are looking for resorts, vacation homes, and second homes. And if you look at where people in the U.S. are going, they are retiring in warmer climates. Roatán is starting to be recognized as a hot spot for this development growth.

In a recent article in USA Today, ¨Second Homes: Buy a Piece of Paradise in Roatán¨, Roatán was called a Caribbean island with its own identity. Long known as a paradise island for scuba divers, Roatán is also known as an emerging destination in the Western Caribbean. Here your investment dollars buy a great deal more than they do in more developed islands such as Cayman or St. LeCriox.

In future years Roatán real estate is expected to bring fine returns on your investment, however, for the time being the island is considered an unspoiled haven for the escapist traveler looking to invest or simply to get away for a while.

Roatan has far more to offer than most other warmer climates around the world. As one of the few remaining under-developed islands in the Caribbean, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in a piece of paradise that will undoubtedly experience significant growth over the next decade.

Combine the return-on-investment potential with the luxurious lifestyle of Keyhole Bay combined with the private, pristine, tropical paradise and you’ll agree—Not only is Keyhole Bay a World Away from the Ordinary, it is a far step above anything else in its class.

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